Nummer: 00304

Area : Western Area
Sea area : North Sea
Date of attack : 23.09.1939
Time of attack : 13:28
Nationality of U-boat : German
U-boat : U 24
Commander : Behrens
Grid : AN 4181
presumed target type : Large Cruiser
presumed result : damaged ?
Number of torpedoes/mines : 1
Used weapon(s) : Torpedo(es)
Nationality of target : British
Name of target : Kreuzer
Actual result : hit not ascertained
Footnote : In the first phase of the war there were many hits against enemy vessels reported, when the torpedoes in reality were running deep or the magnetic pistol was misfiring. Such detonations were later called "Frühzünder" (early detonations). During submerged attacks only acoustic information was obtainable, so when there was a detonation at about the correct running time, the U-Boats considered them to be hits.