18.– 23.9.1943
Am 20.09. wird U 338 von Liberator ‚F’ der RAF-Sq. 120 mit einem akustisch-zielsuchenden U-Jagdtorpedo »Fido« versenkt.

Gegendarstellung von Axel Niestlé:

Original postwar assessment changed by the FDS/NHB in October 1992. The attack by Liberator F of 120 Sqn RAF on 20 September 1943 in position 57'40n/29'48w, formerly credited with the destruction of U 338, was actually directed against U 386 inflicting no damage. U 338 reported last on 20 September 1943 from the approximate position 57'20n/30'00w while operating against convoy ON.202/ONS.18. When the boat thereafter failed repeatedly to signal its position, it was posted as missing effective 21 September 1943. There is presently no known explanation for its loss. (Axel Niestlé)