Greek name : ΓΛΑΡΟΣ
Type of Ship : Trawler
Internat. call sign : SZIT
Port of Registry : Piraeus 756
Later Names : 1941 12 M 12
1942 GA 54
Initial Flag of Registry :
Owner : 1910 Ichiro Tamura, Japan [?]
1911 Tamura Steamship Fishery Division, Shimonoseki, Japan [?]
1917 French Navy
1925 Georgios Milt. Embiricos
1941 German Reich
Shipyard : Kawasaki Dockyard Co. Ltd., Kobe, Japan
Year of Construction : 1910

Size (GRT) : 192
Size (NRT) : 57
Lenght (m) : 35
Width (m) : 6
Depth (m) : 3,3
Engine : Steam engine/3 cylinders/Kawasaki Dockyard Co. Ltd., Kobe, Japan
Output : 52 NHP
Screws : 1
Speed (kn) : 10
1910 built by shipyard Kawasaki Dockyard Co. Ltd., Kobe, Japan, as fishing trawler YEBISU MARU for Ichiro Tamura [?], Japan.
1911 renamed YEBISU MARU No. 1.
1916 together with 33 other small Japanese vessel, mostly trawlers, purchased by the Marine Nationale (French Navy) and rebuilt as a patrol vessel.
1917 employed as patrol boat VERVEINE*.
1920 renamed GOËLAND.
1924 supposedly as a special charter sent by the future owner Georgios Milt. Embiricos, from Marseille, France, to Piraeus, Greece, where she arrived on December 22. [E]
1925 entered as the trawler GLAROS, in possession of shipowner Georgios Milt. Embiricos, in the harbor register of Piraeus. [E]
1941 found by the German occupational forces in Greece and declared as a German war booty. Later the ship has been equipped with two guns (3” and 0,95”) and with 12 depth charges, and rebuilt as Mine- and Guard vessel for the 12. Küstensicherungsflottille (12th Coast Guard Flotilla). [Β]
16.06.1942 got the marking “12 M 12” and was, due to lack of vessels, operated under the command of Steuermann Eskilsson, although not yet commissioned. [C][Β]
19.06.1942 commissioned. [C][D]
21.-30.06.1942 surveillance and control of sea area of Euboea together with the Italian minesweeper R.D. 17.
11.07.1942 proceeded with 12 V 5 to Lesbos to tow 11 V 4.
13.07.1942 with 11 V 4 in tow left the port of Mytilene (island of Lesbos) and entered Piraeus the next day.
17.07.1942 trials of “Scherendrachengerät” (comparable to a “Paravane”). It was planned to employ 12 M 12 on the outer seaways, e.g., in the Doro Channel, together with Italian minesweepers.
26.-28.07.1943 engine repairs.
07.-09.08.1942 general repairs.
16.08.1942 Bootsmann Wittlich in command.
05.-14.10.1942 together with 12 M 3 execution of special task for Admiral Ägäis.
23.10.1942 entered Lavrion harbor due to engine malfunction.
01.11.1942 in accordance with the renaming of the “12. Küstensicherungsflottille” as “Küstenschutzflottille Attika”, renamed “GA 54”** (Bootsmann Wittlich in command). [C]
05.-11.12.1942 installation of a 3,7 cm (1,44“) gun.
20.01.-10.03.1943 shipyard maintenance.
11.-23.03.1943 special task for Admiral Ägäis.
12.-28.04.1943 with Kptlt. Österlin leading, laying minefield and marker buoys as well operating in counter-partisan actions together with the Italian minelayers R.D. 17 and R.D. 26.
01.06.1943 Obersteuermann Jens in command. [C]
08.06.-01.07.1943 with Oberleutnant Maeder leading, execution of special task for Admiral Ägäis together with GA 55 and GA 60.
09.09.1943 after the Italian surrender participating in the capture of the Italian ships at Piraeus.
26.09.-30.11.1943 with Flottillenchef (Senior Officer Flotilla) Kptlt. Österlin leading, participated in the “cleansing” of the Cyclades of Italian troops.
16.10.1943 Bootsmann Wittlich in command again. [C]
25.10.1943 participated in gunnery engagement with hostile submarine HMS SURF during the voyage from Naxos (Cyclades) to Levitha (Dodecanese).
26.10.1943 during the return from Levitha to Naxos attacked by five hostile aircraft. GA 54 returned fire, but no success was observed.
27.10.1943 participated in the hunt for the British submarine HMS SERAPH in the Bay of Naxos.
29.10.1943 while proceeding from Amorgos (Cyclades) to the sinking position of the steamer INGEBORG attacked by hostile aircraft. GA 54 returned fire, two successes were observed.
30.10.1943 attacked in the harbor of Naxos by four hostile aircraft.
14.-21.11.1943 at disposal of Admiral Ägäis for the operation “Leros“.
04.-14.12.1943 employed as “Flakschutz” (anti-air cover) for the steamer ISIS in the Cyclades area.
15.-31.12.1943 not in service.
01.-11.01.1944 thorough repairs of propulsion engine.
11.01.1944 during an Allied air attack on Piraeus sunk by bombs.
After the war, presumably broken up by O.A.N. (Greek wreckers' committee).

*) Verveine = Citrus (Aloysia citrodora). All 34 Japanese vessels purchased by the French navy got names of flowers and plants.

**) GA = Griechenland Attika = Greece Attica

Date of Loss : 00.04.1941
Place of Loss : Greece [B]
Kind of Loss : Prize
Cause of Loss : Prize
Name of Opponent : German Reich [B]
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