Lfd. Nr.: 22517

Region : Nördlicher Pazifik
Angriffs-Datum : 00.00.0000
Nation d. U-Bootes : amerikanisch
Name des U-Bootes : S-44 ?
Kommandant : Brown
Eingesetzte Waffe(n) : Torpedo
Beobachtungs-Datum : 04.10.1943
Beobachtungs-Zeit : 00:22
Nation des Ziels : sowjetisch
tatsächlicher Ziel-Typ : Transporter
Name des Ziels : Odessa x
Ex-Nation des Ziels : amerikanisch
Ex-Name des Ziels : Mary Cassatt
tatsächliche Tonnage : 7176 BRT
tatsächliche Treffer : beschädigt
Position des Ziels : Akhomten Bay
Bemerkungen : "The story of S-44 sinking ODESSA is not accepted in Western sources. They claim ODESSA must have hit a mine. I've gone to the effort of a detailed analysis of the movements of S-44 and ODESSA for the weeks before the incident. Their paths crossed exactly at the point and time ODESSA was damaged. I've also checked the minefields laid in the area and haven't found any in that area. However, the two surviving crewmen of S-44 denied ever having torpedoed a ship before S-44 itself was sunk." (Martin Bollinger)