Nummer: 00413a

Area : Western Area
Sea area : North Sea
Date of attack : 13.10.1939
Time of attack : 23:58
Nationality of U-boat : German
U-boat : U 47
Commander : Prien
Grid : AN 1610
presumed target type : Battleship
presumed tonnage : 32000 ts
presumed result : damaged
Number of torpedoes/mines : 4
Used weapon(s) : Torpedo(es)
Name of target : Schlachtschiff
Actual result : hit not ascertained
Position of target : Scapa Flow
Footnote : During the first attack at 23:58h U-47 fired 3 torpedoes from her bow tubes (a fourth was a dud) and after turning, one torpedo from an aft tube. Only one torpedo detonated near the bow of HMS "Royal Oak" without great effect. U-47 assumed that she hit a ship behind "Royal Oak", misidentified as the battlecruiser "Repulse". In reality this ship was the aircraft repair ship "Pegasus", which was not damaged at all.
related attacks : Angriff 1