Type of Ship : Tug
Internat. call sign : SVMT
Port of Registry : Piraeus 1305
Initial Flag of Registry : Great Britain
Owner : 1916 Royal Navy (Requisition), Great Britain
1919 Nicolas E. Vernicos, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
1920 Nicolas E. Vernicos, Piraeus, Greece
1941 Deutsches Reich
1945 Nicolas E. Vernicos, Piraeus, Greece
Hull Number : 266
Year of Construction : 1916

Launch : 00.00.1916
Commissioned : 00.09.1916
Size (GRT) : 164
Size (NRT) : 1
Lenght (m) : 29
Width (m) : 6,7
Depth (m) : 3
Crew : 4
Engine : Steam engine/3 cylinders/Aitchison Blair Ltd., Glasgow, Great Britain
Output : 84 NHP
Screws : 1
Speed (kn) : 11
1915 ordered by Nicolas E. Vernicos, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire.
00.07.1915 prior to launch commandeered by the Royal Navy (RN).
00.09.1916 finished by Ardrossan Drydock & Shipbuilding Co., Ardrossan, Great Britain, and put into service as steam tug HMS STALWART for the RN. [C]
1918 renamed SEA DOG after the war by the RN.
1919 handed back to Nicolas E. Vernicos. The ship was renamed AGHIOS GEORGIOS and used as a tug in the port of Istanbul. [I]
1920 after the relocation of the Nicolas E. Vernicos to Greece used as tug in the port of Piraeus. [I]
20.06.1940 commandeered by the Greek government (Office Δ.Θ.Κ.Μ.) and continued to be used as a tug. [A]
02.07.1940 discharged from service. [A]
00.05.1941 confiscated by the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) and used as a tug in the area of Attica.
23.05.1943 arrived at Piraeus together with the tugs VULKAN und CAFALDO, tank lighter ARES, the damaged steamer ROKOS, the Marinefährprähme (MFP = landing barges) F 124, F 330, F 308 and the Vorpostenboot (picket boat) “GK 01” coming from Crete. [E]
30.07.1944 towed the Italian tug ALGHERO, which had been severely damaged and sunk in a low-level-attack at Messolongi and been salvaged by the floating crane TITAN, to Patras. [F]
21.09.1944 with Lt.z.S. Bothe as Commanding officer responsible for operations employed in the area Chalkis – Volos. Tasking: Immediate response to damaged ships in the area of Euboea and in the ports of Chalkis, Volos und Stylis. [D]
19./20.10.1944 commanded by captain Christos Stathis and with a crew of three (officer: Theodoros Grypaios, able seamen: Anargyros Vatikiotis and Stavros Tsavaris) scuttled in the port of Volos, Thessalia, Greece, according to orders. [B][G][H]
After the war, the ship was salvaged by the O.A.N. (Greek demolition committee) and handed back to the owner. After the necessary repairs the AGHIOS GEORGIOS was employed again by the salvage company Nicolas E. Vernicos.
1980 decommissioned.
1998 brocken up in Perama (Piraeus). The triple expansion steam engine was donated by Barbara and Nicolas A. Vernicos family to Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Istanbul, where it may be seen until today. [I]
Date of Loss : 00.05.1941
Place of Loss : Piraeus, Attica, Greece [A]
Kind of Loss : Requisition
Cause of Loss : Requisition
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