Type of Ship : Freighter
Internat. call sign : SZIZ
Port of Registry : Piraeus 367
Later Names : 1892 HUNZE IX
1919 DAFNI
1930 ELENI
Initial Flag of Registry : Netherlands
Owner : 1892 Groninger-Rotterdammer Stoomboot Mij. N.V., Groningen, Netherlands
1915 A. Salomonsen, Kopervik, Norway
1916 H.N. Pedersen, Stavanger, Norway
1918 H. Waalman, Tønsberg, Norway
1919 Pandeli Bros., Piraeus, Greece
1930 Ant. D. Konstantinides, Piraeus, Greece
1938 Theo. T.Papadimitriou, Piraeus, Greece
1941 German Reich
Shipyard : Edward Finch & Co. Ltd., Chepstow, Greta Britain
Hull Number : 149
Year of Construction : 1892

Commissioned : 00.08.1892
Size (GRT) : 283
Size (NRT) : 166
Lenght (m) : 43
Width (m) : 6,7
Depth (m) : 3
Engine : Sream engine/3 Zylinder/Plenty & Son Ltd., Newbury, Great Britain
Output : 46 NHP
Screws : 1
Speed (kn) : 8
1892 completed as HUNZE IX for Groninger-Rotterdamer Stoombootmaatschappij N.V., Groningen, Netherlands.
1915 acquired by A. Salomonsen, Kopervik, Norway, and renamed SKUTEFJORD.
1916 sold to H.N. Pedersen, Stavanger, Norway.
1918 acquired by H. Waalman, Tønsberg, Norway.
1919 sold to Pandeli Bros., Piraeus, Greece, for 14.700 £ and renamed DAFNI.
1930 acquired by Ant. D. Konstantinides, Piräus, Griech., and renamed ELENI.
1938 sold to Theodoros T. Papadimitriou, Piräus, Greece, and renamed ELLINICO HORIO.
1941 declared as prize by the Kriegsmarine.
1943 with the Greek captain Emanouil Kassakoglou and armed with two 2 cm Flak 38 employed in connection traffic at Crete
20.09.1943, 13:10, when the steamer laid at anchor in Karpathos (Scarpanto) Bay together with Marinefährprähm (naval ferry lighter) F 308 and F 123 and with 550 disarmed Italian soldiers aboard, she was attacked by six low-level flying Beaufighters. There were heavy losses among the Italian soldiers. The Greek captain was wounded severely. During the attack, some prisoners jumped into the water and drowned. The ELLINICO HORIO was damaged and remained in the harbor of Karpathos for the necessary repairs [A,B,C].
26.09.1943 detected by Luftwaffe aircraft south-east of Karpathos on a south-easterly course. Apparently, the ELLINICO HORIO had been seized by the Greek crew and the Italian prisoners who tried to escape and reach a harbour on Cyprus or in Palestine. The steamer was attacked and set on fire and presumably sunk without survivors [A].
Date of Loss : 00.04.1941
Place of Loss : Greece
Kind of Loss : Prize
Cause of Loss : Prize
Name of Opponent : German Reich
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