Greek name : ΚΥΘΗΡΑ
Type of Ship : Freighter
Internat. call sign : SZKN
Port of Registry : Piraeus 760
Later Names : 1902 AURORA
1915 GROVE
Initial Flag of Registry : Norway
Owner : 1902 A/S Aurora (M. Oppen & Co.), Larvik, Norway
1915 Halfdan Kuhnle, Bergen, Norway
1925 D/S A/S Rein (Stener S. Müller), Bergen, Norway
1934 Polychronis Th. Katrakis, Piraeus, Greece
Shipyard : Fevigs Jernskibsbyg, Fevig, Norway
Hull Number : 36
Year of Construction : 1902

Launch : 20.03.1902
Commissioned : 00.06.1902
Size (GRT) : 1.070
Size (NRT) : 649
Lenght (m) : 68,6
Width (m) : 10,4
Depth (m) : 5,2
Engine : Steam engine/3 Cylinders/Richradsons Westgarth & Co. Ltd., Hartlepool, Great Britain
Output : 117 NHP
Screws : 1
Speed (kn) : 9
1902 built by shipyard „Fevigs Jernskibsbyg“, Fevig, Norway, as freighter AURORA for „A/S Aurora“ (M. Oppen & Co.), Larvik, Norway.
1915 sold to Halfdan Kuhnle, Bergen, Norway and renamed GROVE.
1925 purchased by „D/S A/S Rein“ (Stener S. Müller), Bergen, Norway, and renamed REINUNGA. From 1926 to 1931, the steamer served as grain carrier between Buffalo and Montreal on the "Great Lakes".
1934 sold to Polychronis Th. Katrakis, Piraeus, Greece, for 15.000 ₤ and renamed KYTHERA, the name of the owner's birthplace.
22.10.1940 commandeered by Greek government (office Δ.Θ.Μ.Γ΄) at Thessaloniki. [A]
00.04.1941 chartered by the British government and operated as a transport ship during operation “DEMON“.
20.04.1941 with captain Paris I. Roussos in command entered Souda Bay from Piraeus with women and children on board.
16.05.1941 while alongside steamer ARAYBANK taking cargo from her, both ships were attacked by German Luftwaffe aircraft with bombs and damaged. On ARAYBANK, a fire started which expanded to KYTHERA. During the next days, both ships were gutted by fire and KYTHERA sank in shallow water. [B][D][E]
A salvage of KYTHERA does not appear in German sources. Presumably, the ship was scrapped during the war.
Date of Loss : 16.05.1941
Cargo : 4.500 bags of rice taken over by the damaged ARAYBANK [B]
Place of Loss : Suda Bay, Crete, Greece [A][B][C][D][E][F]
Kind of Loss : Air attack
Cause of Loss : Air attack
Fate of Crew : No losses [B]
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