Greek name : ΜΠΑΓΙΑΡΝΤ
Type of Ship : Tug
Port of Registry : Braila 104
Later Names : 1942 W 47
Initial Flag of Registry : Sweden
Owner : 1902 Jönköpings Mekaniska Werkstads AB (Manag. J.G. Sandvall), Jönköping, Sweden
1903 Saltviks Trävaru AB, Hudiksvall, Sweden
1903 Rederi AB Saltvik (H. Calissendorff), Saltvik, Sweden
1911 S.B. Falz-Fein, Khorly (Ukraine), Russia
1914 Imperial Russian Navy
1917 Soviet Union
1918 Imperial German Navy
1919 White Army, Russia
1920 M. Cunningham, London, Great Britain
1923 Abram Asseo, Istanbul, Turkey
1924 Mehmet Murat Bey, Istanbul, Turkey
1926 B. Presente, Galaţi, Romania
1933 Artemis Bunea (Violatos) and Adrian Gattorno, Braila, Romania
1941 German Reich
Shipyard : Jönköpings Mekaniska Werkstads AB, Jönköping, Sweden
Hull Number : 30
Year of Construction : 1902

Size (GRT) : 137
Size (NRT) : 41
Lenght (m) : 25,6
Width (m) : 5,8
Depth (m) : 2,7
Crew : 6
Engine : Steam engine/2 cylinders/Jönköpings Mekaniska Werkstads AB, Jönköping, Sweden
Output : 32 NHP
Screws : 1
Speed (kn) : 10
1902 built by shipyard Jönköpings Mekaniska Werkstads AB (Manag. J.G. Sandvall), Jönköping, Sweden, as the tug STYRBJÖRN.
15.01.1903 purchased by Saltviks Trävaru AB, Hudiksvall, Sweden, and renamed SALTVIK I. In the same year sold to shipowners Rederi AB Saltvik (H. Calissendorff), Saltvik, Sweden. [E]
31.07.1911 sold to Mrs. S.B. Falz-Fein, Khorly (Ukraine), Russia, and renamed KHORLINETZ, subsequently entered into the harbor register Khorly as No. 7.
00.11.1914 commandeered by the Imperial Russian Navy and rebuilt as a minesweeper for the Black Sea Fleet.
1915 renamed T 59 (T is the abbreviation for Tralshik = Minesweeper).
1916 renamed T 66.
10.11.1916 renamed T 266.
1917 renamed T 366.
16.12.1917 in possession of the Soviet (Red) Army
01.05.1918 seized by the Imperial German Navy at Sevastopol (Crimea), Russia.
00.11.1918 under British-French control.
1919 handed over to the Russian (anti-communist) “White Army”.
14.11.1920 moved with the “Wrangel Fleet” from Crimea to Istanbul, Ottoman Empire.
1920 purchased by M. Cunningham, London, Great Britain, and renamed STANDARD. Remained in Istanbul.
1923 sold to Abram Asseo, Istanbul, Turkey, and renamed SAADET. [E]
1924 purchased by Mehmet Murat Bey, Istanbul, Turkey. [E]
1926 sold to B. Presente, Galatz, Rumania, and renamed BAYARD. The vessel was sailing under Rumanian flag.
1933 purchased by Mrs. Artemis Bunea (Violatos) and Mr. Adrian Gattorno, Braila, Rumania. Owners' parts were Artemis Bunea 60% and Adrian Gattorno 40%. The ship sailed under the Greek flag and was busy as tug and icebreaker on the lower Danube. The unmentioned main owner was supposedly the Greek shipowner Panagis Violatos, presumably the husband of Mrs. Artemis Bunea (Violatos). [C][D]
00.08.1940 chartered by the British enterprise Goeland Transport & Trading Co. Ltd., London. Due to fear of nationalization through coerced confiscation by the Rumanian government, the BAYARD was evacuated to Istanbul in autumn. She was the only ship of the “Violatos-Fleet” which escaped nationalization. [C][D]
00.03.1941 sailed from Istanbul, Turkey, to Thessaloniki, Greece.
19.03.1941 commandeered in Thessaloniki by the Greek government (Office Δ.Θ.Μ./Γ΄)*. [A]
26.04.1941 off “Tselevinia” islands (near the island of Poros), Trizinia province, Peloponnese, Greece, attacked and damaged by aircraft of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). Later declared as a prize by the German occupational forces, towed to Piraeus and repaired.
31.03.1942 named, additionally, “W 47” and commissioned at Salamis. [F]
04.08.1942 moved from Salamis to Thessaloniki. [F]
08.01.1943 at approximately 15:30, bound from Moudania to Thessaloniki, last sighted by the fishing vessel ADOLF. From an artillery observation post, an explosion and firelight was seen in the direction of a British minefield. The time correlated with a possible position of BAYARD if she had taken a wrong course. Neither wreck parts nor any other proofs were found. The crew, Bootsmann Heinz Gräfe and six Greek sailors, was experienced and knew the entry passage. [G][B]
Probably not salvaged after the war.

*) A certain Zotof was named as owner [A]. Dounis mentions Byron Tsigarisianos as owner [B]. In the LRS, the ship was carried on as being in possession of Mrs. Artemis Bunea (Violatos) and Mr. Adrian Gattorno, Braila, Rumania.

Date of Loss : 26.04.1941
Place of Loss : Tselevini Island, province Troizinia, Peloponnese, Greece [E]
Kind of Loss : Air attack
Cause of Loss : Air attack
Name of Opponent : German Luftwaffe
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