Nummer: 01220

Area : Western Area
Sea area : North Sea
Date of attack : 04.02.1940
Time of attack : 21:04
Nationality of U-boat : German
U-boat : U 21
Commander : Stiebler
Grid : AN 4175
presumed target type : Steam Freighter id
presumed tonnage : 3548 BRT
presumed result : sunk
Number of torpedoes/mines : 1
Used weapon(s) : Torpedo(es)
Convoy : unknown
Nationality of target : Yugoslawian
Actual type of target : Steam Freighter
Name of target : Vid
Year of launch : 1910
Actual tonnage : 3547 BRT
Actual result : hit not ascertained
Footnote : U-21 observed a hit aft with a fire column and a big explosion. After 40 sec nothing more was to be seen. On the air two SSS-signals were received, and from these signals the steamer was identified as the Yugoslavian "Vid". This ship was reported to be sunk by U-21 for a Long time; but Loyd's Registers is claiming "Vid" to be identic with the British steamer "Radchurch", which was sunk on Aug.9th, 1942 by U-176/Dierksen (see Attack No. 2).
related attacks : Angriff 1

Convoy : unknown
Route of convoy : unknown
Remark to convoy : Convoy unidentified
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Remark: HIT, ANM
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