Nummer: 02015

Area : Western Area
Sea area : Gulf of Biscaya
Date of attack : 21.06.1940
Time of attack : 08:18
Nationality of U-boat : German
U-boat : U 65
Commander : Stockhausen
Grid : BF 5559
presumed target type : Passenger Liner id
presumed tonnage : 28124 BRT
presumed result : sunk
Number of torpedoes/mines : 3-
Used weapon(s) : Torpedo(es)
Date of observation : 17.06.1940
Time of observation : 07:15
Nationality of target : Dutch
Actual type of target : Steam Freighter
Name of target : Berenice ?
Year of launch : 1919
Actual tonnage : 1177 BRT
Actual result : sunk
Position of target : La Pallice Roads
Footnote : According to KTB U-65 sighted a big steamer, identified as "Champlain" at 5:45h, which was shadowed until 7:35h, when U-65 lost contact in fog. A short time later the steamer was sighted again and attacked with a 3-torpedo spread at 8:18h. The steamer was obviously hit but continued. - Allied sources claim that "Champlain" went to the bottom after being damaged by an air laid magnetic mine on Jun.17th off La Pallice. In knowledge of these sources, the torpedo report of U-65 claims "Champlain" as his own success. - Date, time and position are well fitting with the loss of the dutch steamer "Berenice" (19/1177grt), given by the evidence of survivors and according to observations of coastal vessel "Nelly". "Berenice" was en route with 22 refugees from Netherlands and Belgium.

updated on: 17.06.2002
Remark: Berenice, Anm.
Changes: 1) Kolbicz (L2) 04.02: -DP Champlain
2) Ritschel (U65) 04.02: nl -D Berenice
3) Schussmeldung 04.02: AP Champlain
4) Kolbicz 17.6.02: nl -D Berenice, Anm.
5) Rohwer bleibt bei "Champlain" (wg. der Größe unverwechselbar)