Nummer: 02120

Area : Western Area
Sea area : North Atlantic
Nationality of U-boat : German
U-boat : U 26
Commander : Scheringer
Grid : BF 4115
Used weapon(s) : Torpedo(es)
Date of sinking : 30.06.1940
Nationality of target : Estonian
Actual type of target : Steam Freighter
Name of target : Merkur
Year of launch : 1913
Actual tonnage : 1291 BRT
Actual result : sunk
Position of target : 48.26n 10.58w
Footnote : The sinking of "Frangoula B. Goulandris", "Belmoira" and "Merkur" was claimed by the survivors of U-26, which was sunk the following day by HMS "Gladiolus" and Sunderland H/10 RAAF in this area. The attacked vessels had been lonely sailing vessels, all together.

updated on: 28.05.2002