Nummer: 29119b

Area : Pacific Ocean
Sea area : West Pacific
Date of attack : 12.08.1945
Time of attack : 18:03
Nationality of U-boat : Japanese
U-boat : I-58
Commander : Hashimoto / Shiraki
Grid : SE Okinawa
presumed target type : Destroyer
presumed result : sunk
Used weapon(s) : "kaiten" = Human Torpedo
Convoy : unknown
Date of observation : 12.08.1945
Time of observation : 19:05
Nationality of target : American
Actual type of target : Destroyer Escort
Name of target : Thomas F. Nickel (DE.587)
Year of launch : 1944
Actual tonnage : 1450 ts
Actual result : target visibly missed
Position of target : 21.15n 131.02e
Footnote : I-58 launched two Kaitens against a seaplane carrier. It was actually the LSD "Oak Hill" being glanced by the kaiten of FPO1C Hayashi, which was detonated by depth charges from the destroyer escort "Thomas F. Nickel". The second kaiten, piloted by FPO1C Shiraki, missed the DE, then detonated about 2500 mtrs away. The submarine heard the detonations and assumed that two hits had been scored. - Three days later Japan was going to capitulate.
related attacks : Angriff 1

Convoy : unknown
updated on: 00.09.2008
Remark: Shiraki (Ichiro)